Maisha Projects

Maisha is determined to break the vicious cycle of poverty through its projects to enhance the quality of life for each child and their community. The mission of Maisha is to transform lives and empower communities by providing lasting solutions to address poverty, hunger, disease and under-education. Since its inception, Maisha has worked with the abandoned, orphaned and destitute children in western Kenya. Our on-the-ground operations are run by local Kenyans who are trained in development, education, social work, HIV/AIDS counseling and home-based care. To meet the goals of Maisha, we initiated projects to address the most pressing needs of water, hunger, shelter, education, health and economic security. Maisha’s projects give the people we serve the tools they need to transform their community. Race proceeds in 2017 will go towards building a girl’s dormitory for at-risk students at Maisha Academy.


Orphans and destitute children all over the world suffer in silence. In Kenya, most of these children are born into poverty and live without access to education, medical care, adequate housing, clothing, appropriate food or a chance for a better future. Maisha is determined to break the vicious cycle of poverty through education and enhance the quality of life for the children who are part of Maisha and their community. Your donation provides life-giving resources like food and education so children can learn and grow up strong to impact future generations.


headerphoto_hiv At Maisha, health comes with access to clean water, affordable healthcare, improved nutrition and spiritual nourishment. Maisha Clinic provides access to quality healthcare at an affordable price in an area where no other such access exists. We also address the crisis of HIV/AIDS, which has left over 1.2 million children orphaned through home based care (HBC) that identifies adults and children living with HIV/AIDS and provides nursing, education, counseling, nutritional support and spiritual ministry in their homes. We encourage the clients and ensure they and their children have the needed nutrition to take their medicine and subsist on a daily basis.

Economic Empowerment

economic_empowerment_top_sm Economic Empowerment is a business funding project providing micro-finances to implement income-generating projects and discuss better business methods. Members quickly multiplied their initial seed funding and continue to grow the funding pool, offering larger loans to members who have successful records. Maisha is a hive of activity, bringing life and economic opportunity to the people of Maisha. It not only helps them earn a living, but brings self-worth and the joy of a job well done. You can invest and grow their funding pool. One of the empowerment projects includes a tailoring room. The incredible ladies who work there spin their dreams into funds to enhance their community and support their households (many times they support extended households of orphans).